The public has known about the negative health affects of smoking for some time and it remains as the leading cause of lung cancer today. Smoking also triggers a host of other side affects that are too numerous to list here.

Cigarette smoke consists of more than 3,000 chemicals and a combination of dust, particles, and gasses. Smoking produces carbon monoxide gas that remains suspended in the air indefinitely and can only be displaced by fresh air. Standard air filtration has no effect

Babies are especially susceptible to cigarette smoke as their lungs are still forming, have higher breathing rates, and more breaths in relation to their body weight. Smoking produces chronic adverse health effects in children, including:

  • More frequent lower respiratory tract infections
  • Pneumonia
  • Ear infections (otits media)
  • Potentially fatal syncytial virusReduce the risk
    The following are some steps you can take to reduce the risk for you and your child:
  • Quit smoking. The best way to protect your child (and yourself) is for all members of the house to completely stop smoking.
  • Refrain from smoking indoors. When smoking outdoors, avoid doorways and open windows near the house.
  • After smoking, consider changing clothes prior to holding the baby.As a parent, or expectant parent, of a newborn, your health is just as important as that of the babies.