Using Essential Oils as Pesticides

Pests are a common nuisance in the home. Pest problems vary with geography, but spiders, ants, roaches, and rodents are common nearly everywhere. Our first urge may be to reach for the nearest can of bug spray to eliminate the problem. This quick solution is rarely the best solution as almost all pesticides pose some threat to humans.

Pesticides contain powerful chemicals whose purpose is to sicken and kill living creatures instantly and over long periods of time. Children are often in close proximity to the locations where the pesticides are sprayed as they crawl on the floor. The use of pesticides should be a last resort. Instead, consider changing the environment of your home to reduce the number of pests.

Simple actions such as keeping your home clutter free and your house clean will help any pest problem. This includes diligently keeping all food products properly stored and the trash removed from the house on a regular basis. Keep plants and tree limbs separated from your homes exterior walls and roofs. These contacts can provide an avenue for insects to enter your home. Also, some toleration of insects in general should be accepted.

Essential Oils and Their Uses

In lieu of pesticides, certain natural essential oils are an excellent alternative to chemical pesticides when used properly. Their numerous benefits and uses make them worthwhile to keep on hand.

If the above methods don’t do the trick and you decide that chemicals are the only solution. We recommend using pesticides as follows:

  • Use pesticides strictly according to manufacturer’s directions. Make sure to read all instructions and apply pesticides only in recommended quantities.
  • Mix or dilute pesticides outdoors.
  • Increase ventilation when using indoors. Take plants or pets outdoors when applying pesticides to them.
  • Do not store unneeded pesticides inside home; dispose of unwanted containers safely.
  • Store clothes with moth repellents in separately ventilated areas, if possible.

If you use a pest control company, make you selection carefully. Research and fully understand what specific chemicals will be used in your home as they can have detrimental effects on your entire family, especially babies and young children.