Baby Cleaning Products and Detergents

Many cleaners are available on the market today and the choice of cleaner is often a personal one. Whether it is based on the smell, the ease of use, the effectiveness, or simply a personal choice, most standard cleaners aren’t eco-friendly and can pose a health threat to you and your baby.

Common cleaning agents in these products include surfactants for soaps and detergents, chlorines used in bleaches, and ammonias use in glass cleaners. Phthalates, chemicals commonly added to cleaners and detergents to stabilize fragrances. Please see the phthalates section for more information.

The effects of these products on your health vary with each individual’s sensitivities and allergies. The best option to minimize sensitivities and possible long term health risk is to utilize products made with natural ingredients and essential oils. Buyer beware as many of the products marketed as green or natural may still contain harmful chemicals. Whatever products you use, be sure to have adequate ventilation and use as mild of a detergent as possible with low odors.

These rules apply to laundry detergents as well. Only use the stronger commercial style cleaners when the use is required. Always use the product manufacturer’s recommendations which often include reducing the strength of the cleaner by mixing with water before use. Use latex gloves whenever possible to avoid direct skin contact with the cleaner.