A Debate that really Stinks!
Is there anything wrong with using disposable diapers?
The short answer? Yes!
There are many very convincing reasons to avoid disposable diapers:

  • Most Disposable Diapers undergo a chlorine bleaching process that leaves trace levels of the phthalate dioxin- which has been shown to increase the risk of cancer in children!


  • Fido hates disposables! Many Disposable Diapers contain Sodium Polyacrylate–a chemical shown to cause an allergic reaction in many babies. It can also be fatal to many pets.


  • Baby is fussy enough already! Disposable diapers contain fragrances, dyes, and glues which can cause allergies in many children.


  • Be good to the world your child will inherit. Disposable diapers are the third most common item found in landfills in the United States. No wonder they smell so bad!


Why should I choose a Cloth Diaper for my baby?

  • Keep your little one High and Dry! Cloth diapers allow parents to see when a child has had an accident earlier keeping the exposure time to wet fabric to a minimum.


  • Save on Diaper Cream. Babies that wear cloth diapers have significantly less diaper rash than those wearing disposables.


  • You want grandchildren someday! Cloth diapers don’t trap heat like disposables. Disposable diaper wearing babies have had their scrotal temperature taken at nearly 2 degrees warmer than babies in cloth diapers-a problem that has been linked to male infertility later in life.



Does it have to be an “organic cloth diaper”?

Honestly, it’s not the end of the world if it’s not organic. But be an informed consumer. Non-organically grown cotton diapers have in all likelihood been exposed to pesticides and herbicides which can lead to long-term health problems.


Cloth Diapers made with polyester are made with petro-chemicals which can off-gas Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) that can also cause health concerns. Formaldehyde can also be used during the manufacturing process to “permanently press” the diapers. This is about the last thing you’d want your baby breathing every day.


For parents that are totally unwilling to compromise the best choice is 100% organic cotton or organic wool diapers. When purchasing your organic cloth diapers ensure they have never been chemically treated. The environment and your baby’s bottom will thank you!